Shadow Valley Gospel Music Festival: July 2nd, July 3rd, and July 4th, 2015

Webster defines an Ambassador as "a diplomatic agent of the highest rank, appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment". Paul, in II CORINTHIANS 5:20. felt this way when he said "...note then we are ambassadors for CHRIST...". That same driving force, the one that caused the apostle Paul to spend his entire life traveling wherever he possibly could, going wherever people would lend an ear, causes this group of men from Tennessee, not just a traveling group of singers, but men who feel compelled of GOD, to go and to spread the wonderful message of JESUS CHRIST in song. These men take seriously the assignment given to each of them, top-notch, exiting, and most of all uplifting to the one who sent them.When you go to a Singing Ambassadors concert, you can expect to hear that familiar southern gospel sound, rich with four-part harmonies and tight arrangements. You'll hear lots of new songs, original material with a fresh new sound, as well as songs you've heard your whole life, sang with an anointed enthusiasm that's sure to leave a lasting impression on the heart. From Coutland, AL, Kevin Hood provides the bass vocal. Sid Presley adds his smooth baritone to the blend, he hails from Arab, AL. The lead position is occupied by Eric Sinclair . The tenor spot is covered by Shannon Burns, Shannon is from Boaz, AL, and he also manages the quartet. In the music department look for Bret Warren on the keyboard. An awareness of the calling upon is, a desire to fulfill it to its entirety and a sincere love for our lord are the forces that propel the men who make up the Singing Ambassadors. We've committed our lives to His service in the hope that CHRIST will see fit to use us in some way. Twenty-three years and hundreds of thousands of miles later we're more determined than we've ever been to reach people wherever they may be, and to share the joy that comes from knowing JESUS.

"We are ambassadors for Christ," II CORINTHIANS 5:20